Spring Road Restrictions/Seasonal Load Limits

Load Limits - During the spring thaw, the City's streets are weakened by water that becomes trapped in the gravel base below the pavement. The weight of vehicles can cause the road to bend, and if the surface is bent too far or too frequently, it cracks. As pavement ages, it becomes brittle and less able to withstand weight and movement and deteriorates at an accelerated pace. Weight restrictions are implemented each year in early spring in an effort to minimize the wear to the streets and to allow the base adequate time to stabilize. During this time, we ask that you avoid scheduling deliveries and remodeling projects. The City follows the State of MN Seasonal Load Limits as to when they go on and come off. All City roads are 5 tons per axle with the exception of Long Lake Road (from Century Avenue to Dunbar Way) which is 7 Tons per axle.  

MnDot Seasonal Load Limits