Garlic Mustard

 Garlic Mustard Will Be Emerging Soon


Noxious Weed Classification - Garlic mustard is listed as a Restricted Noxious Weed in Minnesota. Transpo1tation, propagation, or sale of this plant is prohibited except as provided in Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.82. 
 Landowners are encouraged to control this species on their properties. 

If you discover garlic mustard, it’s important to eradicate it before it spreads. It is easy to pull particularly in moist soil. Schools and young people have successfully pulled garlic mustard as it seems to be enjoyed as a competition of who can pull the most. If they don’t get all the roots, the plants may grow back; however, research has suggested they may not have time to seed out that season. Obviously, it’s best to get the roots to avoid the risk of ambitious regrowth and seed production.


One of our volunteer trail stewards can help you with identifying and eradicating garlic mustard. To request a site visit from Katie, email her at

Garlic Mustard Best Management Practices (PDF)
Garlic Mustard Info Flyer (PDF)
Garlic Mustard WI DNR Flyer (PDF)

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